Blackbeards Revenge Pc Torrent

Blackbeards Revenge Pc Torrent

  • Name: Blackbeards Revenge
  • Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
  • Languages: English
  • Genre: Action
  • Format: BIN-CUE
  • Size: 0.06 GB
  • Date: 27-11-2007
  • Release:
  • Quality: CD
  • Region: 0





Blackbeards Revenge Pc Torrent

Blackbeards Revenge is an arcade action game on the high you are. Successful pirates are rewarded with money and resources Which are looted from defeated enemies sunken ships. From your island basis you can use These resources and treasure to build better ships, weapons and cannon balls to turn the tides in your behalf for future battles. If you’re lucky enough to Obtain an enemy ships you can design plans build faster ships With better armor and equip them With more powerful cannons. Now youll be capable of shooting further, faster, and inflicting more damage. Blast your way to victory and riches!

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