Blood Drive by Torrent Download Driving Games Xbox360 Games

Blood Drive by Torrent Download

Blood Drive by Torrent Download

  • Name: Blood Drive
  • Platform: Xbox 360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  • Languages: English
  • Genre: Driving
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 6.86 GB
  • Date: 03-11-2010
  • Region: 0



Blood Drive by Torrent Download Description:

In Bloodrive, contestants must use their motorized death steeds of steel in a televised game show where drivers battle each other hordes of nasty meat eaters all in a fight to death.
Fraternity dead children face, cops, strippers and bachelorette partiers, each its own special brand of death and devastation – and how to die! While these monsters rotting in the streets of a sweet craving sin of the desert city, the succulent brains, your enemies have equipped battle hardened armed vehicles, including muscle cars heavily on weapons, cars and more. Amid this gore-sodden contestants to use chaos head or lose.



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