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Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One PS 2 Download by Torrent

Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One PS 2

  • Name: Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One
  • Platform: PS2 Torrent games for PS2
  • Languages: English
  • Gender: Strategy
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 2.62 GB
  • Date: 16-11-2005
  • Quality: DVD
  • Region: PAL





Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One PS 2
First US Infantry Division stars in the new installment of Call of Duty, where it plays its crucial role during World War II.

Known under the nickname Big Red One, the First Infantry Division was the most decorated unit and low reaped from the US Army during World War II. From the sands of Libya to the heart of Germany, they were the first to enter “all scours’, highlighting for their courage and bravery on the field of battle.

Now, 60 years after the conflict, Activision has recovered his exploits in Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One, where Treyarch again make clear his versatility to play any genre. The creators of Spider-Man 2 have joined forces with Gray Matter (authors disk missions Call Of Duty PC) to give life to three extensive campaigns that will lead us to visit North Africa, Italy, Belgium, France, and Germany. mechanical arcade and realism again shaking hands on a title that has been advised of veterans of the unit. The video testimony of one of them closed the world premiere of COD Big Red One, held no less than Hitler’s bunker in the forests of Ketrzyn (in northeast Poland near the border with Russia). We traveled up there to talk to the developers of this new Call of Duty, with Activision again shows that PlayStation 2 hardware can still go a long way. We saw this with the three missions to which we had access, one of which passed aboard a B24 bomber Liberator. Handle the rear turret machine gun belly or drop bombs on German ships are some of the things we could do in this special mission, which briefly leaves the mechanics of the first-person shooter. The rest of the game keeps the traditional development of Call Of Duty, except that it has greatly improved artificial intelligence of German troops. Your enemies seek protection walls and parapets, so you can forget the usual “shooting” of the military shooters console. The fierce competition between Call Of Duty, Medal of Honor and Brothers In Arms has encouraged Activision, especially when caring COD graphics Big Red One (a section in the game UbiSoft was winning last season).

One of the technical aspects that more attention has been paid is the animation because even Activision has hired much of the cast of the miniseries Band Of Brothers (Blood Brothers). These have lent their voices to the main characters of the game and participated in the sessions of motion capture, helping designers create a more realistic animation, not just the time to take up arms and function in the fighting, but also showing how three years of fighting that recreates Big Red One is making a dent in attitude, in the gait of the soldiers, increasingly tired and dejected. The online game has been one of the most potentiated aspects COD2: Big Red One over its predecessor.

An independent to the story mode team has been dedicated to the creation of multiplayer, which may participate up to 16 players via online, in different modes of play and the novelty of being able to use vehicles such as tanks, for the battles. As for the sound section, Activision Spain has confirmed that Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One hit stores on 18 November with voices in Castilian and a soundtrack created for the occasion by Graeme Revell, responsible for scores of films as well known as Sin City, The Dilemma or The Chronicles of Riddick. As reaches our hands on the first preview version of Big Red One delve deeper into which it is called to be the best military shooter of the year.

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Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One PS 2 Download by Torrent



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