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  • Name: Dark Sector Xbox360
  • Platform: Xbox 360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  • Languages: [English][Italian][French][Spanish]
  • Genre: Action
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 6.59 GB
  • Date: 03-04-2008
  • Region: 0





Dark Sector Xbox360 DESCRIPTION:

Dark Sector puts players in the role of Hayden Tenno, an elite soldier in charge of a dangerous mission of murder in Lasria, Eastern European city on the brink of destruction, hiding a terrible secret of the Cold War. Attacked by an unknown enemy, he awakens to find part of his body mutated by an infection that has granted him inhuman abilities. Now, Hayden must learn to develop and control their powers, survive and become a hero. Created by acclaimed developer Digital Extremes, Dark Sector is a new and original game action thriller designed exclusively for next-generation consoles. A dark experience, wrapped in a fast-paced action, incredible powers and a great plot; Dark Sector represents the evolution of action games.


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