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Donkey Xote Pc Torrent

Donkey Xote Pc Torrent

  • Name: Donkey Xote
  • Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
  • Languages: English
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 1.51 GB
  • Date: 20-05-2008
  • Release:
  • Quality: DVD
  • Region: 0



Donkey Xote Pc Torrent


Meet the real story!

A great comedy adventure. The donkey, Rucio, tells the true story of Don Quixote and defends it was not a madman, but quite the opposite: an intelligent, passionate and enthusiastic man.
The strange group composed of Don Quixote, his squire Sancho (actually his best friend and the richest of the people), the donkey, Rucio (who wants to be a horse) and the true horse, Rocinante (who hates leaving his quiet block) begin a journey to duel with the Knight of the Moon. If Quijote overcomes him, the Knight will reveal the true identity of Dulcinea.


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