Download Battlefront Pc Torrent PC Games Strategy Games

Download Battlefront Pc Torrent

Download Battlefront Pc Torrent

  • Name: Battlefront
  • Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
  • Languages: English
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Format: BIN-CUE
  • Size: 0.18 GB
  • Date: 13-02-2007
  • Release:
  • Quality: CD
  • Region: 0





Download Battlefront Pc Torrent

Battlefront, an all-new wargame system simulates That battalion-scale combat in the largest cauldron of war humanity has Known: World War II. Battlefront features the power of battalion-level combat in some of esta period s MOST bloody and intense conflicts: Saipan, Market Garden, Novorossisk, and Gazala. Players will Have realistic Control over Their soldiers, with a tactical scale just large enough to make a telling difference in the strategic picture. Players will Have Full Control over the off-map movement of Their units; players can move units in special off-map areas, getting over realistic Control Where and When to employ Their reinforcements. Opponents will never be entirely sure Where and When These units will arrive, Increasing the voltage and fun.

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