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download Deponia MAC

  • Name: Deponia
  • Platform: Mac
  • Languages: [English][Italian][German][French][Spanish]
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Format: DMG
  • Size: 2.88 GB
  • Date: 13/09/2012
  • Release: MONEY
  • Quality:
  • Region: 0




Download Deponia MAC

The title tells one of the strangest love stories in gaming history, set in the landfill planet Deponia. Its creators say they were inspired by the works of people like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Matt Groening. 

Players will visit places like Kuvaq, a village built inside a giant mountain of garbage, the elevated railway in the world or the black market. The scenarios are hand painted with the highest quality cartoons.

The protagonist, Rufus, not known for being very sociable and has a high opinion of their own qualities, perhaps others do not share. Still, his dream has been to become someone important and rich, and the opportunity knocks on your door with the arrival of the angelic Goal his neighborhood. The script promises many surprises and twists.




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