Download Front Mission Evolved by Torrent Strategy Games Xbox360 Games

Download Front Mission Evolved by Torrent

Download Front Mission Evolved by Torrent

Name: Front Mission Evolved

  • Platform: Xbox 360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 6.59 GB
  • Date: 25-09-2010
  • Region: 0





Download Front Mission Evolved by Torrent Description:


Year 2171. Humanity looks at the stars again.
Eager to get more and more control of this region still to conquer, the world ‘s superpowers are competing with each other by building orbital elevators and filling the space with surveillance satellite networks and military stations.
While on the surface, even though no open warfare, skirmishes in border areas increasingly occur more frequently. In these ever – changing fields of battle, humanoid armored vehicles (codenamed is WANDER) have proven to be the undisputed leaders.
History has shown that wherever you go humanity, war will follow closely in his footsteps … And with this new technological age, there is no place to which man can not reach.

Front Mission Evolved transforms the classic Front Mission into an incredible third – person shooter action packed, both single – player campaign and multiplayer mode gives the player full control of a humanoid robot giant, a war machine that you can personalize called Wanzer.
With production values to Hollywood – style storyline and most immersive, players will be involved in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and broken alliances.
Work your way battle to battle through unique places as humanity strives to create the ultimate humanoid weapon in the war on terror!


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