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Download The Day After PC by Torrent

Download The Day After PC by TorrentName: The Day After
Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
Languages: Spanish Language
Format: BIN-CUE
Size: 1.39 GB
Date: 04/12/2005
Quality: CD
Region: 0





Almost the entire world population had been wiped out by a multitude of weapons of mass destruction. World War 3 had doomed humanity to the most deadly confrontation in its history. The few survivors struggle to conquer every inch of fertile ground.

Fight for survival in a world devastated by nuclear war, four great powers struggle for supremacy. The game has a separate campaign for each of these powers, namely: USSR, China, the Franco-German union and the Anglo – American alliance. We can independently play any of the campaigns as they appear all enabled from the start.

One of the features that make it different from The Day After other games of military strategy is the historical setting in which events occur: we are in the 60s and both vehicles and weapons to suit the actual moment and prototype or some other special vehicle that appears as the nuclear nature of the conflict.


Download The Day After PC by Torrent



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