Download Two Worlds II Torrent RPG Games Xbox360 Games

Download Two Worlds II Torrent

Download Two Worlds II Torrent

  • Name: Two Worlds II
  • Platform: Xbox 360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  • Languages:
  • Genre: RPG
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 6.63 GB
  • Date: 08-11-2010
  • Region: 0




Download Two Worlds II Torrent Description:

After the fall of Aziraal, god of fire, Gandohar, the Dark Lord, he almost achieved his goal of breaking the balance between the elements. Dark magic poured over the land to fill the void. Gandohar realizes the power that would fully control the dark powers, and start using the trap Aziraal K ra, the descendant of the Orphans, carries within. Despite having divine blood, K? Ra can not withstand the pressure. With Antaloor in its claws, Gandohar concocts a new plan from his stronghold of Oswaroth; but there are still a few who face the tyrant, hoping to shift the balance in his favor: the fight for Antaloor continues …

Five years have passed since the tragic events that led the world to the brink; The hero is a prisoner in the castle dungeons Gandohar. His hopes of saving his sister vanished with his freedom; but just as despair threatens to overcome him, comes a ray of light where there had been only darkness. The Orcs, a race the hero had always hated, have organized a rescue team to save him and let him return to a country desecrated by evil. From here, the hero embarks on a journey to shed light on the dark past of Gandohar and so perhaps find a weak point in the defense of his enemy. If he fails, he will lose his sister forever.



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