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Fable 2 Platinum Edition Xbox360

  • Name: Fable 2 Platinum Edition Xbox360
  • Platform: Xbox 360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  • Languages: [English][Italian][German][French][Spanish]
  • Genre: RPG
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 6.27 GB
  • Date: 17-01-2010
  • Release:
  • Quality:
  • Region: 0



Fable 2 Platinum Edition Xbox360 DESCRIPTION:

Table 2: Gold Edition will also include the game itself, the last two expansions, “Knothole Island” and “See the Future”.
Fable 2 Fable II is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit which sold over three million copies. The new game takes the core of the original and expands to offer even more options: each of your decisions will gradually shaping the person that you become. Fable II, set 500 years after the original, presents an epic story and innovative real-time system that gives enormous freedom to explore the vast collection of dungeons, catacombs, and taverns in the world of Albion.
Knothole Island is a very special territory because the climatological state is controlled by its own inhabitants. With these changes in climate, the island state or limiting changes completely opening the way to new areas depending on the current status of the island. And star player must enter the spectacular different sanctuaries to save the inhabitants of the island. In total, this expansion has 3 missions, each relating to each of the sanctuaries climates.
See the Future In this expansion, the player is returned to the beloved world of Albion, where a set of objects delighted by Murgo, Merchant, trigger new challenges to be solved players, including meetings with mocking ghosts, terrifying Necromancers, and a knight convicted in the Coliseum, of which only the greatest heroes of Albion will emerge victorious to claim a final trophy.
In Fable II version: Game of the Year, The Faithful Dog “Fable II” returns in three different incarnations for deciding the race of his traveling companion. A husky, a Dalmatian or a bloodhound. In addition to these fantastic new evidence, creatures, characters, events and legendary artifacts, “See the Future” offers unique items for everyone, including a helmet soldier, a braided wearing a hairstyle ponytail, a new heroic expression, the trick backflip for our canine comrade and a collectible Murgo statue carved in gold.



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