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Fight Night Round 4 Xbox360

  • Name: Fight Night Round 4 Xbox360
  • Platform: Xbox 360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  • Languages: [English][French]
  • Genre: Sports
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 6.72 GB
  • Date: 02-07-2009
  • Release:
  • Quality:
  • Region: 0



Fight Night Round 4 Xbox360 DESCRIPTION:

Live the most realistic experience on a ring you’ve ever experienced …

· With over 40 boxers of different categories including Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Roy Jones … will find
· The powerful new engine game will keep the action inside the ring faster than ever, adding a greater variety of styles of boxing to emulate the best pugilists in history and differentiate them from each other.
· New system of physical animation you will see fists in the air, direct KO blows, punches or blows inclined prohibited during combat. Each boxer will have its unique style, with a variety of punches, blocks and ring movement in a close combat realism to a real boxing.
Feel like a real fighter. Bleeds, fight, suffer … but above all, fight to reach the top.


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