Ground Control II PC Download by Torrent PC Games Shooting Games

Ground Control II PC Download by Torrent

Ground Control II PC Download by TorrentName: Ground Control II
Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
Languages: Spanish
Format: ISO
Size: 0.63 GB
Date: 01-12-2005
Quality: CD
Region: 0






Charts 10 | 10
Playability 10 | 10
Diversity 10 | 10
Simplicity 9 | 10
Multi 9 | 10
IA 8 | 10
Innovation 8 | 10
PC Recommended
T. Video 3D
Hard Disk 630MB
CD Drive 52x
Other Mon. 17 ”
Demo 187MB
In addition to raising the bar in terms of quality and visual realism, the latest installment of Massive Entertainment offers a very good story, perfect playability and very good level design. Taking the role of Captain Jacob Angelus recently promoted we direct the NSA land army against the troops of the Emperor’s lieutenant, Vlaana. In the process, we must confront their allies Viron, and find ways to save the colony MorningStar a cruel fate. Fortunately, we are not alone, allies and friends such as Dr. Alice McNeal, Sergeant Rho, the LeCroix Lieutenant, Major General Grant, and Warhurst are there to give us a hand when we need it. But it seems that not all good news, strange events aim to ruin the best-laid plans,


Ground Control II PC Download by Torrent


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