Heretic DeathKings Of The Dark Citadel Pc Torrent

Heretic DeathKings Of The Dark Citadel Pc Torrent

  • Name: Heretic – HeXen – DeathKings Of The Dark Citadel
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  • Languages: English
  • Genre: Action
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  • Date: 11-07-2007
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Heretic DeathKings Of The Dark Citadel Pc Torrent

Heretic (1994) 

Raven Software teamed up With Id Software for the second time in ITS creation of the hit fantasy action game Heretic. Based on a modified engine DOOM, Heretic Pioneered a revolutionary new inventory system for use character item That Has Become commonplace in the FPS genre. Id Software published the game under ITS flag and it was distributed by GT Interactive. 

Players Took the role of Corvus, an Elven hero Whose race was eliminated by a horde Nearly of evil monsters from another dimension. The first episode of Heretic was released as a precursor as Shareware to the full version of the game, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders. 

HeXen – Beyond Heretic (1995)

Raven Software s HeXen whos Began development as an expansion for Heretic That was originally slated to hit the shelves as “Heretic II.” However, the game design so expanded beyond the original game the Proposed esta That the expansion of the universe Heretic Took on a bold new identity of ITS ownΓǪHeXen: Beyond Heretic.

HeXen was developed over a period of 8 months, published by Id Software and distributed by GT Interactive in 1995. The game Introduced the 3-D gaming world to the “hub system” of level progression, polygonal rotating brushes and multiple character classes That Were Both available in single player and multiplayer. All of this combined to help HeXen raise the bar for the first-person shooter genre. HeXen pushed Id Software s doom engine to ITS absolute limits and surpassed Heretic Raven Software as s Most Popular, highly acclaimed title. 

DeathKings of the Dark Citadel (1996)

Where HeXen Ends, the True Nightmare Begins. Deathkings of the Dark Citadel is the only official expansion of the original HeXen the game. This add-on pack features 20 new single player levels from the original HeXen the team as well as a host of new multiplayer options. 

Deathkings of the Dark Citadel was the first true game Raven Software That expansion ever produced. In Addition to providing the original three new hubs for the HeXen, the Deathkings expansion was the first multiplayer game That allowed eight players to connect to a LAN Simultaneously. 

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