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Left 4 Dead 1 PC Game Free Download

Left 4 Dead 1 PC Game Free Download



Left 4 Dead 1 PC Game Free Download


The game Left 4 Dead is very appealing. This is the best game to play when want to lighten up the mood from a tough schedule. The Left 4 Dead has options like Statistics which help the user to know about their progress in the game after every play. The game has 4 characters that will have to survive the zombie attack which happens very often. The overall idea of the game is amazing. The main concept here is that the player has to survive the game and shoot the infected person out there. how to install Left 4 dead 1 on pc


The Left 4 Horror Game is a survival horror game issued by Valve. It was set in the period after a pandemic outbreak, where the viral strain transferred people into zombie-like creatures. The game thus follows this storyline and the task of the player is to shoot these creatures and save themselves and reach a safe destination.

There are several modes here to play. The player can play individually with the other three characters controlled by a computer or the player can play with friends and family members. One of the amazing attributes of the game is that the player gets to play like a first-person shooter and this grabs the player’s attention.


The game Left 4 Dead is a first shooter game that includes within it the horror element. The players have control over one of the four survival characters. The characters can run, jump, and shoot. Players have two weapons that he/she can use. The first is the main firearm or pistol which has limited ammunition and the second is the sidearm which has unlimited ammunition. The players also have 3 additional inventory weapons.

The third slot includes thrown weapons such as a Molotov cocktail which is a type of bomb which can be used to attack a hoard of zombies or to lure them to a specific area before the bomb explodes. The fourth slot comes up with a health kit that the player can use upon himself or on other survivors, and it also contains a special kit providing explosive bullets. The fifth slot provides for pain pills which gives the player a provisional health boost that would increase the player’s speed in the game temporarily. Gasoline cans or other environmental objects can also be used to be thrown at the hoards. The player may also use any object that they hold to push any infected person surrounding them. The game also includes a health bar which is utilized to track down each character’s health status.

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