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Name = Fallout Shelter 1.12

Size: 252MB
Platform:  PC
Date: 06-14-2017
Languages:  English,  
Release: 3DM
Genre . Others , Simulators
Format:    ISO

Fallout Shelter 1.12

Fallout Shelter 1.12 In Fallout Shelter, players must build and manage their own Shelter as an Overseer, the leader and coordinator of their shelter. Players guide and direct the citizens of the shelter, and are tasked with keeping them happy by meeting their needs, such as energy, food, and water. Another of his main missions within the game is to rescue the inhabitants of the Wasteland and assign them to the different buildings for the generation of resources in the vault, through the SPECIAL system of statistics of the other Fallout games. Each character’s special profile affects their ability to generate different resources, and their stats can be increased by training them in rooms dedicated to each stat. The inhabitants can level up over time and with it they have, increased health, and new items and weapons can be equipped to help with various tasks. The number of inhabitants can be increased by waiting for new inhabitants of the Wasteland to arrive at the shelter, or by pairing a female dweller in the habitation zone to produce males and babies.
Keys to success in the game:
Thrive: For a refuge to work perfectly, it requires a wide variety of inhabitants with very different abilities. Build a radio room to attract new dwellers or take an active role in their personal lives by playing matchmaker and watch things turn red hot!
Explore the Wasteland: Send Dwellers outside to explore the desolate surface, seeking adventure and useful items for survival or a horrible death. Find new weapons and armor for your dwellers, increase their experience and earn caps. But above all keep them alive!

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