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Planet Zoo [ + 4 DLC] (2019) download torrent RePack from xatab

Planet Zoo download torrent RePack from xatab



Planet Zoo [ + 4 DLC] (2019) download torrent RePack from xatab


Year of release: 2019
Genre: Strategy / Simulation / 2019
Developer: Frontier Developments
Publisher: Frontier Developments
Publication type: RePack
Interface language: Russian / English
Voice language: Russian / English Tablet
System requirements:
  • Operating System: WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 (64-BIT Required)
  • Processor: Intel i5-2500 / AMD FX-6350
  • RAM: 8 GB of RAM
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2GB) / AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB)
  • Free space on hard disk: 9.5 GB


Description: Build a world for wild animals in the game Planet Zoo. Meet the new zoo simulator from the developers of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, in which realistic animals interact with their environment. Travel around the world in campaign mode, or get creative with sandbox mode. You have to build and manage the world’s largest zoos: create unique animal habitats, change the landscape, make important decisions and take care of your pets.

Features of the game :

  • Meet a world full of incredible animals. Every pet in Planet Zoo, be it a playful lion cub or a mighty elephant, has a mindset, a feeling, a unique appearance and a distinct personality. Recreate the natural habitat of animals, pay attention to them and help them thrive and reproduce so that they pass their genes on to future generations.
  • Manage a stunning living world that responds to your every decision. Focus only on the most important things, or get busy doing even the smallest tasks. Boggle the imagination of visitors with grand displays, develop your zoo with the latest research, and bring new generations of your animals back to the wild. Your decisions will impact a world where animal welfare and protection come first.
  • In the game Planet Zoo you will have all the means to create unique zoos gradually and without worries. Every ingenious decision you make will affect the lives of your animals and the experience of your visitors. Use all your imagination by digging lakes and rivers, creating hills and mountains, digging tunnels and caves. Build a breathtaking zoo filled with hundreds of different elements.
  • Join our community and share your brilliant ideas with the Steam Workshop. The Planet Zoo community is releasing new content every day for the game. Who knows, maybe your work will find application in other players’ zoos!
Repack features:

“Based on the release from EMPRESS
” Removed all localizations except English and Russian / Nothing recoded
“Version – build from 23 June
1098120 installed = Planet Zoo: Deluxe Upgrade Pack
1098121 = Planet Zoo: Deluxe Edition Animals
1196770 = Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack
1238440 = Planet Zoo: South America Pack
»Installation time 2 minutes.
»Repack by xatab

Planet Zoo download torrent RePack from xatab 1
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