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Puyo Puyo Fever Chu PSP Download By Torrent

Puyo Puyo Fever Chu PSP

  • Name: Puyo Puyo Fever Chu PSP
  • Platform: PSP Torrent Games For PSP
  • Languages: [Japanese]
  • Gender: Adventure
  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 0.17 GB
  • Date: 30-12-2005
  • Release:
  • Quality: UMD
  • Region: JPN




Puyo Puyo Fever Chu PSP DESCRIPTION:

The Puyo-Hat wearer Known as Amitie from the first Puyo Fever is joined by Raffine and Sig in Sega’s latest Puyo Puyo Fever game Which kicks the Meter up another notch. Players take a trip to the village of Purinpu Where They Interact with denizens and engage in Puyo Puyo color-matching action. The skeletal Oshareborns from the first Puyo Fever is now a shopkeep Who Runs the Osharena Omise Which peddles up to 72 possible power-up items in exchange for points. The town of Purinpu houses 11 new characters Along With 10 returnees for a Total of 21 denizens to play Puyo Puyo Fever against. A Story Mode May be enjoyed as well as quick Puyo Puyo games don’t Which Involve a trek into the town of Purinpu.



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