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Super Dungeon Bros. Reloaded PC Game Free Download

Super Dungeon Bros. Reloaded PC Game Free Download 1


Super Dungeon Bros. Reloaded PC Game Free Download

Super Dungeon Bros is a 2016 action role-playing hack and slash dungeon crawler video game developed by React Games and published by Wired Productions. A multiplayer focused title, the game was released worldwide in November 2016.


The game takes place in the fictional realm of Rökheim which comprises the worlds Cryptheim, Chillheim, and Bogheim, each of which is modeled after a different theme (underground, snow and jungle, respectively). Each location features a randomly generated layout that varies with every playthrough.

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Super Dungeon Bros. Reloaded PC Game Download

Super Dungeon Bros plays in a vein similar to the Diablo series. Players select one of four characters and traverse a labyrinth, slaying enemies and collecting loot while completing an overall objective. Puzzles and light platforming are also encountered throughout the dungeon. Weapons can be found and equipped by the player, each one varying in the amount of damage dealt and style of play (for instance, there are ranged and melee weapons). A “threat meter” tracks play time in a dungeon, with a more powerful boss spawning the longer it takes a player to complete an area. The title has elements of a roguelike game in that a set number of lives are given, and once diminished the game is over. Up to four people may take part at once, either locally or in online co-op. In multiplayer, the lives pool is shared.

Alongside online leaderboards are daily and weekly dungeons, which are unique locations only playable during a certain time slot. Cross-platform online play is available between and Windows/Mac users as well as and Windows 10 players.

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Super Dungeon Bros. Reloaded PC Game Download



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