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Swingin Swiggins PC Game Free Download

Swingin Swiggins PC Game Free Download 1


Swingin Swiggins PC Game Free Download

Swingin Swiggins is a side-scrolling platformer that will take you on an adventure through many exotic locations. The game focuses on swinging but you must be careful that you don’t run out of stamina or you can fall off the rope mid swing. the main antagonist for this game is Time because if you run out of it you must restart the level. You will use ropes to get from one side of a level to the other, but ropes aren’t the only way to get across the levels. You will find switches, levers, moving platforms, giant flowers that launch you high into the air, and much more! Help Swiggins get away from the dull boring desk job and actually do something with his life!

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Swingin Swiggins PC Download

Swiggins is just an ordinary guy trying to escape from reality. One day he decides to go to the roof of his office building to get away from his horrendous job and looks out into the city. He closes his eyes and starts to remember his childhood of swinging on the rope at his family’s lake house during the summer. When Swiggins opens his eyes he notices a rope between his office building and the next. “Why is there a rope just floating there?” he says to himself. As he looks past the rope he notices that it isn’t the only rope and that they seem to span across the rooftops of the entire city. He climbs up onto the ledge and says, “Here goes nothing…”


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